The aims of the group are:

To improve the health and wellbeing of Holmewood and Heath residents by engaging with them to provide “something for everyone” through a co-ordinated community development approach.

The Youth Club

The Youth Club is for 7-13 year olds and run’s after school at the Cricket Pavilion in Holmewood on a Tuesday. It costs £1 and food is provided. The youth club offers a wide range of craft activities, film making and sports activities. It runs from 3.30 – 5.30pm every Tuesday

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Parent Toddler Group

Parent and toddler aims to offer a safe space for parents to come and meet up, get support and have a cuppa together. We have a range of guest agencies offering tips and advice. This activity will start again 7th March –

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Traditional Games

HHHF is working in partnership with other agencies to support a traditional games session at the Parish Council building. These games are a great way of meeting new people and playing games such as dominoes, cards, board games. Refreshments are provided and the sessions are free.

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Cookery Sessions

After the success of the last series of cooking sessions we are about to start again. Come and learn how to put together low cost, healthy meals options, and try different things. A chance to meet new people and have a cuppa at the same time. Sessions run from the Cricket Pavilion

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Activity Days

Throughout the year we organise a variety of activity days celebrating life in the village. From special events to family fun days. Most of these activities are free and offer fun for the whole family.

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Trips Out

In a bid to try new things we listen to the views of people attending our project and then throughout the year we organise a series of visiting away from Holmewood and Heath. Some of these will be specific to a certain project or age group, but throughout the year we cater for all age groups

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our Work

The work of Holmewood & Heath Healthy Futures is varied and despite the team all being volunteers and small we aim to do lots of great things. From film projects, to community clean up projects, outreach youth work and supporting many of the other community projects in the area. We pride ourselves on making sure the projects are responding to local needs, this means we engage much of the community. Some of our team are Parish Councillors so have their finger on the pulse on local decision making. Please do talk to us if you think there is something we do do to help you.

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