About Our Delivery Team

These are the people working for HHHF on a daily basis making all the magic happen


Angela Parry

Chairperson of HHHF
Angela is one of the communities golden nuggets, always developing new programmes that respond to the needs of the community. She is also the Chairperson of Holmewood and Heath Healthy Futures and is very proud to develop this growing organisation

Summer Parry

Youth Club Volunteer and administrator

I am an active community volunteer for HHHF, my role is running youth clubs, fun days and Christmas events, in fact I get involved with most things that has a community focus.

Tina Parry

Youth Worker and general volunteer

Tina has been an active community volunteer within Holmewood, getting involved in youth projects and community active days. Always in the middle of the action Tina is committed and dedicated to improving Holmewood and Heath villages.

About Our Behind the Scenes Team

Every successful project has a team of people suppling it, the people below are the glue that keeps our feet on the ground


Kelly Massey

Health & Wellbeing Development Officer, NEDDC

My job is to increase sport and physical activity levels with local community, in short I aim to improve heath and wellbeing levels of people in North East Derbyshire.

Lynn Ludditt

Community Development Worker, North East Derbyshire District Council

My role is community engagement. I am responsible for managing the community champions group who are local residents to Heath & Holmewood. Their role is then to put on events, activities raising awareness and therefore improving health and wellbeing.

Wendy Smalley

Fare Share Development Worker & Parish Councillor

My job at Fareshare allows my to redistribute food donated from supermarkets and retail to food banks, hostels, youth groups and breakfast clubs

Maggie Phelan

Assistant in Charge of Holmewood Library

Maggie is a well known face to many of the villagers her job is to keep the library functioning and doing various outreach projects including supporting Holmewood and Heath Healthy Futures.

Naomi Walker

Adult Care Public Heath – Live Life Better Derbyshire

I am a well being worker, my job is to support, motivate and encourage people to make positive lifestyle changes, this includes residents in Holmewood and Heath

Paul Oxborough

Technical Support & Publicity

Paul is an experienced youth worker who uses technology and media as tool for youth engagement. He runs two companies and works and lives from his home in Heath. Paul supports HHHF from the sidelines and gets involved with projects from time to time. Paul’s companies are Momentum World an not for profit offering international leadership programmes for young people based in London and Oxo Media a company teaching tech to the older generations.