Holmewood a village with a impressive past

You don’t have to go back very far to see how much Holmewood Village has changed. Gone are the deep mines and the behemoth pit works propping up our countries economy for many decades. But now times have changed and where there was industry there are green fields. But there is still a sense of community spirit and great things happening. Let us take a tour through the village and see the key facilities.

The Memorial Garden

Situated in the centre of the village opposite the shops the memorial garden is a nice space to sit on the benches and take some time out. You can also gain access the the sports fields and the Parish Council Pavilion. Behind the pavilion will soon be a new fenced off and secure community garden.

The Shopping Parade

In the heart of the village is Heath Road and situated on here is a selection of shops and take aways. There are other useful amenities such as hairdressers, a post office, cash machines and some charity shops. A hidden gem in the village is the fantastic fabric shop. Opposite the shops is the McIntyre Centre and the village library. Next to the shops is St. Albans church and community centre, another active community resource.

Nature On Our Doorstep

As the mines shut down and the area redeveloped and cleaned up the Countryside Rangers developed the amazing Five Pits Trail which runs through Holmewood and the side of Heath village. A fantastic and safe nature trail with an abundance of wildlife and nature ponds. There is a 4.5 mile circular route which runs behind the library and sports fields in Holmewood. amazing for walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders.

A Thriving Industrial Estate

In the heart of Holmewood either side of Heath Road are two very busy industrial estates. Even type of industrial units from engineering, retail, light industry, haulage and large warehousing can be found on these estates. It is also home to Junction 29 truck stop. The industrial estates are a source of employment opportunities for people from the two villages.