Parent Toddler Group

Project Description

The parent and toddler group starts in April and is for parents who wish to escape the house for a couple of hours and come and meet other parents. We will have different guests from time to time to share parenting skills and money saving advice.

Project Details

Where: the Cricket Pavilion When: Starting April 2018 Skills I will learn: Parent skills, information sharing Pictures: Click here for gallery and films

The Purpose

Our parent and toddler group aims to create a strong network of local parents who can support each other and share parenting stories in a warm and safe environment. There will be opportunities to play and learn new techniques which will help you as parents.

Practical help and support

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world and who everyone you speak to you will get different advice. The only way forward is to hear the different approaches and then make your mind up. There are lots of good websites out there offering tips and advice but remember ultimately you have to decide which is the right approach for your child. Our parent and toddler group aimed to create a network of parents to help support you.

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Cricket Pavilion, Heath Road, Holmewood