Youth Club Trips Out

Visits Away Description

Throughout the year the Youth Club organises a variety of activities to get people out of the village, from trips to Skate Parks, to family petting farms and children’s activity centres we try our best to work with all ages. If you have somewhere you would like to go tell us about it and we will work to make it affordable and enjoyable.

Project Details

Where: Various locations in the region
When: Different times through the year
Skills I will learn: A wide range depending on the activity
Pictures: Click here for gallery and films

A Change Of Scenery

Everyone likes a change of scenery and thats why we try to be responsive in offering trips out that are educational and respond to local need. Whether it involves the whole family or a group of teenagers researching new skate parks we listen and then we try to respond.

Recent Trips

Recent trips have including trampolining in Barnsley, skate boarding at Asylum in Sutton. If you feel your group want like to do a trip out talk to the team and we can explore building it into the programme, use the contact button to tell us what you want.

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