Holmewood Film Project

Project Description

Over the next few months we will be working with young people from Holmewood to tell the story of people from different decades growing up in Holmewood. The young people will be trained by a film maker and the film will explore different games people played with their families and we will meet lots of interesting people with amazing stories along the way. Follow our progress…

Project Details

Where: The Dynamite Club
When: Friday evening
Skills I will learn: Film making, storytelling and teamwork
Pictures: Click here for gallery and films

Film 1

In October 2017 the local community found out the proposed High Speed Train was due to go through the middle of the old Heath church site. This church goes back to 1066 and was the central focus of what was our community. A campaign was started with HHHF and we involved the Parish Council and local church leaders. This film was made by young people attached the the Holmewood film project and it being used to inform people of the campaign.

Do you want to join our film team?

We are looking for young people 9-16 who would like to be involved in the film about Holmewood village. You can get involved as a volunteer be completing the film in the contact us section: please write film project in the subject box.

Like What You See?

Cricket Pavilion, Heath Road, Holmewood